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Thanks to Edinburgh Settlement Projects…

Place+Platform provides emerging creative talent with a place in which to create and a platform to showcase their talents by hosting free community events, aiming to break down boundaries and encourage a varied experience of the creative arts.

Place+PlatformThe idea for Place+Platform began following a meeting with the Edinburgh Settlement Projects organisation to talk about grassroots arts in Edinburgh and the lack of affordable and free spaces in which to exhibit work. Place+Platform was invited to curate its own event within the unique context of the Settlement Projects shop on Edinburgh’s Leith Walk, with the offer of a temporary space for a one off exhibition.

Edinburgh Settlement Projects very generously invited Place+Platform to present a weekend of free community events and showcase an exhibition of art within the existing shop surrounds.

Possessions Weigh You DownThe event, ‘Posessions weigh you down,’ featured art, live music, video, performance and spoken word from a variety of creative practitioners, and thanks to a number of generous sponsors and supporters, was a great success. Over the weekend there was also a community engagement event which allowed people to meet with the artists at the shop space. After the successful opening the exhibition remained on show throughout the month of August during the very busy festival period.

Edinburgh Settlement Projects is very supportive of grassroots arts within Edinburgh and has continued to assist Place+Platform as well as other individual art practitioners and groups to organise further exhibitions and events.  ‘The line of best fit’ was one such exhibition and featured the work of 26 artists within the Settlement Projects shop space. Work was hung on lines that were suspended above the shop floor and featured illustrators, film makers, photographers, painters and multi media artists.

Possessions Weigh You Down TooBy inviting a variety of creatives to showcase their work through music, spoken word, dance and performance, Place+Platform aims to create a fun atmosphere with a diversity of happenings that will appeal to everybody.  ‘Object Defy’ was an exhibition that saw eight artists repurposing objects gifted to them by Settlement Projects and displayed over a weekend at Edinburgh’s Gayfield Creative Spaces. The artists visited the Settlement Projects shop and selected a variety of items to work with, producing some fantastic sculptural pieces as an expression of how objects can be changed, manipulated or repurposed.

Thanks to a generous supporter who worked with Settlement Projects to present the event, and donated a private collection of vintage goods for sale, money was raised specifically in order to enable Edinburgh Settlement Projects to support further arts projects within the local area. Place+Platform and Leith Late have especially benefited through this assistance and are currently working to organise future collaborative events. Thanks to Settlement Projects, through this new association, many more creative individuals will be supported and offered opportunities.

The ‘Object Defy’ exhibition was also shown as a part of Ragged University’s ‘Mad World’ exhibition and events at St Margaret’s art complex, after Settlement Projects introduced Place+Platform to the project’s organiser Alex Dunedin. The exhibition and events featured a panorama of perspectives, histories and work from a diverse number of individuals and organisations (including the Edinburgh Settlement) in a groundbreaking project which questioned the idea of ‘madness’.

Object DefyThis introduction resulted in Place+Platform’s ‘Object Defy’ exhibition being displayed for a further 4 weeks in the context of Ragged University’s ‘Mad World’ project, which generated much interest and discussion, including a visit from the Minister for mental health.

Thanks to the encouragement and support of Edinburgh Settlement Projects, Place+Platform have worked with some amazing individuals and are excited and enthusiastic to continue their work with artists and creatives to produce wonderful cross platform community events.

Everyone who has offered their support and been involved has given their time, energy and commitment to help create something very special within Edinburgh. Place+Platform intend to continue making this happen whenever and wherever they have the opportunity and are excited to continue working closely with Edinburgh Settlement Projects.Line of Best Fit


Many thanks and appreciation,

Abi Lewis and Susannah Leake




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