Ragged University is happy to work to support Steve Robb in developing a digitized and public archive of the rich history which lay behind the Edinburgh Settlement. From getting to know Steve it has been obvious that the Edinburgh Settlement project is an important historical and current initiative which continues to hold huge potential for cultural, social and civic activities.

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Forming a collaboration to ensure the historical archive becomes accessible, Ragged University is working with the charity People Know How to digitize and make public this collection online.  The use of the resources of the Social Server and the Floating Classroom have enabled this work to be undertaken.

What Edinburgh Settlements represents to the Ragged Uni project is a history of community led social innovations which is socially very valuable; forming a collaboration between multiple organisations and communities has meant that mutual goals can be realised.

The availability of the shared resources means that achieving such preservation and public access work becomes possible.  People Know How have been pivotal in supplying the equipment for a floating classroom; a suite of laptops with mobile internet which can be taken anywhere.




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